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Making discoveries about how to control and leverage quantum information for society-benefiting applications.

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Dozens of core research faculty across UT contribute to our international reputation for quantum advances that span disciplines.

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The institute is codirected by Elaine Li of the Department of Physics and Xiuling Li of the Chandra Family Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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Announcement: TQI Postdoctoral and Graduate Fellowship Program

The TQI Postdoctoral and Graduate Fellowship Program is designed to attract exceptional talent and foster collaborations among faculty within the core research areas designated by TQI. The application deadline for this year is July 20th, 2024. Applications and questions should be submitted to TQI-OE@utexas.edu.

Application Requirements:

CV: Include a section highlighting selected publications.
Proposal (1-page): Identify two co-supervisors and include 1-2 research projects. The applicant must reach out to the co-supervisors and get their approval/endorsement before the submission.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Duration: 2 years.
Compensation: Competitive salary and annual professional development funds.
Eligibility: Current postdoctoral fellows at UT may apply in Summer 2024.

Graduate Fellowship

Duration: 2 years.
Eligibility: Open to both incoming and current UT students.
Stipend: In line with the Research Assistant salary within the hosting departments.

We encourage all eligible candidates to consider applying for this prestigious fellowship to advance their research and professional growth within the TQI's dynamic environment.


Every year, millions of people become sickened by RSV, and more than 100,000 die. New vaccines with a connection to UT Austin may help turn those numbers around.

A structural biologist at UT Austin who played a key role in the development of COVID-19 vaccines has received the first Research Impact Award.

Alone, this target might not be strong enough to directly block infection, but might be used to jump-start or boost an immune response.